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Member Management

Create a purposeful and engaging onboarding experience for your new members. Through thoughtful organization of your onboarding resources, along with a scheduled campaign of device/web portal notifications, you can create a great first impression of your organization.

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Get Your Message Out There

Say goodbye to blast emails that are often unopened or ignored. You can send notifications to your users through branded device notifications as well as the in-system Message Center. From basic text messaging through highlighting new and important organizational resources or calls to action, your messages will be sent across a reliable channel and your users will look to the app or web portal as their central point of engagement with your organization.

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Keep The Conversation Flowing

Combobulate has so many tools to engage with your members: Surveys and forms, targeted and customized messaging, streaming video, micro-learning and drip campaigns are all at your fingertips.

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communication collections

Knowledge is power

Share the right organizational resources with your members, exactly when and how they need to access it. Our audience builder lets you pick precisely who sees any individual item or category, and the access method (linked notifications, custom menus, and more).

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