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Meet Your New Event Management Solution

Combobulate’s powerful and flexible platform makes it easy to host in-person, virtual, or hybrid events of any size, with the most customizable attendee experience available.
The Combobulate event portal is fully branded to your organization, and accessible on any desktop, laptop or mobile device; or via an optional iOS or Android app.

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Behind The Scenes

Combobulate’s easy to use system lets you build out your perfect event space:

  • Your interactive schedule and meeting launcher
  • Your virtual expo
  • Your registration system
  • Your pre-event promotional pages
  • Your sponsorship and partnership presence
  • Your supplemental materials
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right place right time

Right Place Right Time

resources wealth

Wealth of Resources

check in registration

Registration? Check.

sponsors and vendors 1

More for Sponsors and Vendors

event engagements

Engagement… During and After

Event Registration

Combobulate has several options to support smooth and seamless attendee registration. Whether registering for an entire event, an event track, or single sessions, our flexible registration tools will accommodate your needs.

Accessing Your Event

Combobulate provides the perfect Event Portal for your users. Why? Because it’s completely customized for them. Interactive schedules and session launching, the navigation system, sponsor pages and virtual expo show floors all appear based on your setup as well as individual user choices.

Event Resources

The Event Portal is the one stop your attendees need to access documents, schedules, directories, pre-recorded videos, and more. In addition, your users can directly launch live conference sessions with no additional software needed.

Engage Your Users throughout Your Event…and After

Use our Forms feature to create surveys before, during, and after the event. From session and presenter evaluations to interest surveys and lead tracking, create exactly what you need to gather your most actionable data.

During live sessions, use Combobulate MEET’s live conferencing features, including polling, Q & A, chat, and our unique “Floor” feature that allows attendees in large broadcast events to queue up to ask questions or make comments.

Our powerful notifications system lets you send device, in-app, and email notifications, and our interactive schedules let your users know what events are happening now.

When the event is over, automatically make session recordings available, provide new information, or even let additional users in. Create follow-up drip campaigns to keep your attendees buzzing.

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keynote speech

Your users will always be in the right place at the right time

Gone are the days of sending conference meeting links. Display everything about your live sessions with companion pages where you can post handouts, notes, links to surveys, and more.

More for Your Sponsors and Vendors

Fully configurable areas let your sponsors, vendors, and event partners have a meaningful presence throughout your event. Provide virtual booths and sales rooms, distribution of sales content, lead tracking, and more.