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Your Learning Management System, Reimagined

Welcome to Combobulate Learn, a single learning management system that works well for any organization, no matter its size or complexity. Every organization has its own unique structure and learning management needs; unlike traditional learning management systems, Combobulate Learn evolves with your organization’s needs.

Why use Combobulate Learn?
We recognize that Learning and Development professionals are primarily educators, and not technologists. To that end, Combobulate Learn provides users with a simple, modern and engaging experience when accessing and navigating content. Content can come from anywhere, from recorded live training events to extensive e-Learning libraries. This allows users to easily access content and leverage new learning technologies like gamified e-learning, virtual reality and augmented reality.

And to make Combobulate Learn even more powerful, users can access actionable insights for management on learning performance. Our solution has the ability to leverage machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help you better understand your trainees through predictive analytics and data. This information can make your training programs all the more effective, positively impacting your most important asset: your trainees. 


One System
Combobulate Learn is one powerful system built for your organization’s unique learning and development needs, allowing you to mold all of your content into courses and learning paths that engage your audience. 

  • Simple documents 
  • Video training
  • SCORM and xAPI-compliant eLearning 
  • Virtual and augmented reality simulation support 

Ultra Modern Architecture
Combobulate Learn harnesses the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing to ensure reliability, scalability, performance and future-enabling.

  • Hosting 
  • Database Management 
  • Data Warehousing 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Combobulate Learn has the capacity to provide industry-leading data gathering capabilities for future AI and ML. The system will collect relevant data and allow for the assembly of data inferences—which can be used for active remediation and instructor intervention. For example, instructors could be notified when a student appears to be guessing on an assessment or learning experiences could be tailored on the fly based on the feedback loop between the learner and the content. 

Online Conference Integration
Combobulate Learn has a built-in conference integration to easily host training events and post recordings.  This can often provide savings over having many accounts within your organization.

eCommerce Integration
Combobulate Learn can integrate your training revenue streams with your LMS, providing you with one central repository for eLearning sales.

  • Sell courses individually or as a subscription model 
  • Sell or license course materials, including physical or electronic textbooks 

Ease of Customization and Implementation
Combobulate Learn is built with an API-first structure, allowing this LMS to integrate with other aspects of your technology ecosystem via Single-Sign-On (SSO) and other third-party integrations.

Combobulate Learn is a Perfect Fit
Our flexible grouping technology allows you to configure Combobulate Learn to match your exact organizational structure, making it easy to delegate the management of learners and learning however you choose.  Whether training is created, assigned, and managed from the top down or locally, Combobulate Learn can handle it.


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