Portable USB Programs

USB drives have become very popular lately you can do just about anything with
them, this is a good list that covers most common computer functions. The applications
will run off USB drives and require no installs:


Name Homepage Description
angry ipscan 2.21 LINK IP address scanner
putty LINK Telnet and SSH client
pscp LINK SCP client, command-line secure file copy
wget LINK Retrieves files HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
winscp LINK SFTP and SCP client for using SSH
winmerge LINK Visual text file comparison and merging
mstsc LINK Remote desktop client
dirms LINK Command line defragger
multidesk.exe   Multiple desktops switcher like linux
UnknownDevices 1.2.exe LINK Tracks down unknow devices


Name Homepage Description
firefox LINK Portable webbrowser
thunderbird LINK portable email client & newsreader
trillian LINK multiple messaging client aol,msn, irc etc.


Name Homepage Description
abiword 2.0 LINK wordprocessor w/dictionary
metapad LINK Text editor small & fast
foxit LINK pdf reader


Name Homepage Description
irfanview LINK picture viewing/scanning
noiseware community edition LINK photo touch-up
gifanimator   convert avi to moving gif


Name Homepage Description
media player classic LINK media player w/no bloat
vlc media player LINK media player
cdex LINK Audio Ripping Tool
audacity LINK audio editor
virtualdub LINK video capture/processing utility

Compression tools:

Name Homepage Description
7zip LINK cmd version commpression program better than winzip

Security and system maintenance tools:

Name Homepage Description
autoruns LINK controls progams autostarting, like msconfig
hijackthis LINK powerful adware remover be careful
cwshredder LINK small utility for removing CoolWebSearch and variants
stinger 2.54 LINK mcafee antivirus scanner
crap cleaner LINK good registry cleaner
password decrypter LINK removes ***** from passwords in progs
procexp LINK like taskmanager but better
WinsockXPFix.exe   fixes a few adware problems

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