Accelerate and Elevate Your Virtual Training

Combobulate® includes a robust delivery and management system for Virtual Reality (VR) training content. Combining single sign-on (SSO) and cloud-based rights management, Combobulate is the keystone to successful deployment of VR training at scale. Whether you are training 50 or 50,000 users, Combobulate will accelerate your training retention levels and provide robust data reporting on the factors that matter most to your organization.

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Key Features

Open VR Compliant

Bring your own hardware or let Mosaic Learning be your guide to getting the features that matter the most to your organization. Open VR allows deployment of content on all PC-based VR solutions. Build once on any Open VR compatible hardware.

Automatic Updates and Rights Management

Whether you’re adding new content, updating existing content, or enrolling large groups in new training modules, Combobulate allows for high-level and granular control of content — ensuring your users are able to access the training they need, when they need it. Cloud-based data management ensures your content is secure and only accessible to the groups you assign to the training modules.

Data Capture and Reporting

Results matter and your user data is important to measure the effectiveness and success of the training your organization deploys. Combobulate provides xAPI-compliant data reporting that can leverage next-generation tools like AWS QuickSight to enable organized dashboards for quickly viewing and managing your user data.

Multi-User, Multi-Facility Deployment

Does your organization require multiple users to train across multiple physical locations? Combobulate seamlessly integrates these users into a shared training experience that can greatly improve cohort training outcomes. Elevate your training’s effectiveness by breaking the boundaries of time and space with shared reality training modules.

Rich Media Playback

In addition to the robust VR training modules that you may currently utilize or will develop, Combobulate allows multi-user 360° training videos to be easily integrated into your organization’s library of content. Upload your own content or have Mosaic Learning’s 360° Video Experts create engaging custom content that moves the needle forward or your organization’s training goals.